Our Collections and Their Differences

Snaps Clothing is where western elegance meets modern flair. Our collections are designed to embody iconic style while ensuring comfort, high-quality finishes and a touch of versatile sophistication. Each collection showcases our signature custom pearl snaps, adding a distinctive touch to every shirt. Explore our main collections below to find the ideal shirt for any occasion.

The Rambler Collection combines a modern western style with a contemporary twist. Embracing a more casual aesthetic, Rambler shirts feature double chest pockets fastened with pearl snaps. This design element adds a touch of relaxed charm, making the Rambler perfect for various settings. Whether you're enjoying a weekend getaway, attending casual Friday events, meeting friends for happy hour or tailgating, the Rambler offers a versatile and stylish option. It effortlessly transitions from laid back to slightly dressed up, ensuring you always look your best.

Rambler Collection

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For those seeking a blend of traditional button-down style and modern western flair, the Landry Collection is a great choice. These shirts feature a single chest pocket without a fastener and do not incorporate a yoke, giving them a unique look. Like others we sell, the Landry Collection offers casual elegance and versatility, making it suitable for a range of occasions. From dressing up for the office or date night to celebrating holidays and attending social gatherings, the Landry Collection ensures you stand out with its pearl snap accents and effortless style.

Landry Collection

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Embrace the rich history and timeless charm of western fashion with the Heritage Collection. These shirts pay homage to the traditional western style with their iconic stitching and double chest pockets adorned with pearl snap fasteners. The Heritage Collection incorporates a modern western yoke, adding a touch of flair and enjoyment. Ideal for those who appreciate the rugged yet refined aesthetic, the Heritage Collection effortlessly blends heritage and modernity. Dress it up or down and experience its timeless appeal in any setting.

Heritage Collection

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Snaps vs. Buttons

When it comes to crafting the perfect shirt, details matter. One of the most important details in a western-style shirt is the pearl snap. But do you know the differences between our signature custom pearl snaps and traditional buttons? Let’s cover the style differences, dexterity benefits and convenience options of these two popular closure options so you can see why pearl snap shirts are such a popular pick for western-style wear today.

Style Differences

We’re long past the time when shirt closures were purely functional. Pearl snaps provide a look that is unique and stands out from the standard. Here are some of the style differences between traditional buttons and pearl snaps:


Buttons provide a traditional and timeless aesthetic. They’re a classic that appeals to those who appreciate a more understated style. The button closure is time tested and helps achieve a versatile and polished look.


Custom pearl snaps, on the other hand, add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your shirt. They create a distinctive visual appeal and give a subtle nod to western fashion heritage. Snaps offer a modern twist on classic shirt closures, making a stylish statement that sets shirts apart. At Snaps Clothing, you’ll find pearl snaps on all of our collections. Overall, the addition of pearl snaps adds a refined touch to your overall look.

Dexterity Benefits

Buttoning and unbuttoning shirts may not seem like a tall task, but if you’re doing it day after day, it can wear down your fingers and cause discomfort. With pearl snaps, it’s much easier for people with dexterity problems to accomplish this. Here are some other dexterity considerations of traditional buttons and pearl snaps:


Buttons offer a tactile and interactive experience. For those who enjoy the process of buttoning and appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship of traditional closures, buttons can provide a sense of satisfaction and engagement. They also allow for precise control over the fit and fastening of the shirt.


One significant advantage of snaps is their ease of use. The smooth action of snapping and unsnapping requires less fine motor control compared to buttoning and unbuttoning. This makes snaps an excellent choice for individuals with dexterity challenges, arthritis or any condition that affects hand mobility. Snaps provide a convenient and accessible option without compromising style or functionality.

Convenience Options

Time is another factor when it comes to comparing snaps and buttons. One option is definitely faster than the other. Here are some of the convenience differences between traditional buttons and pearl snaps:


Buttons offer a tried-and-true method of closure that many people are familiar with. They require a bit more time and attention during the dressing process. Additionally, buttons can be replaced or repaired fairly easily if needed, allowing for longevity and versatility.


Snaps provide a convenient alternative to buttons, particularly when it comes to quick and effortless closure. The snap fasteners allow for easy one-handed operation, saving you time and effort when dressing or undressing. Whether you're in a rush or simply prefer a hassle-free experience, snaps offer convenience and style.

At Snaps Clothing, we strive to provide options that cater to individual preferences and needs. When you choose from our selection of shirts, you get a look that is meticulously crafted with comfort, style, and convenience in mind. Shop our pearl snaps online today and experience the exceptional quality and versatility of Snaps Clothing.